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Life is too short for too much drama. Being real and living the life your mind, body and soul deserves is the best place to settle today. 30624429_1548610141918457_2109484341460467712_n_1.jpgWe never know what will tomorrow bring. Choose the people who you wants to stay in your life and gives meaning to every bit of your worth. Stay humble and balance your pride not to the point that degrades your worth. You are more than what you think. Your kindness and selfless love could be one of the greatest things what other people will never have.


Black and White Photographs

It might capture all the greatest thing happened in your life, but somehow it creates a frame of sadness that you cannot undo.

Those good or bad memories that deeply embedded in your thoughts might never reoccur in the same amount of feeling.

Always believed that everything happens for a reason.

A reason to look forward and pursue life’s greatest gifts.

When will sadness meets me again 

# 14

I’m bothered

To all of your plans

Playing it cool

Giving it all

A taste of Love

Taste of faith

Just give me some hint..

When will sadness meets me again.

For Love is so deep

That i can keep

For the rest of my days

Till the time you’ll be gray.

For Five Years

# 13 

For five years

In our separate time

We build our lives differently

We accomplish so many things

A lot of people came and go..

Then again..

Fate waited for us to meet again

And awakens all the certain feelings we have had for the longest time… 

You Got Me

# 12

You have this remarkable way

of making my heart happy

Things might change the way fate wanted us to be

Always recall that You Got Me

In every step you’ll take

I’m just here doing the same

Beyond union in this Heart of mine

we may walk in peace and feel at ease

I will always carry all the beautiful memories we had

To help me galvanize great life ahead

This year gives me a hint

To foresee life in a different way

Without you by my side

Might bring different pace

But surely those nostalgia will remain

And you…

I will always Hope and Pray

You finally assure your Lovely Heart

With new feels

New dreams

New chances

empower your self with the things that drives you to grow

positively allow those past experience shaped you

Dreams that awaits you

allow your self to be finally happy without any trouble

your heart deserves every bit Love

a lot of things might happen again

But surely my soul will always feel you

cause you always Got Me

Till we meet again my La douleur exquise…





I’ll be gone

# 11

If I’ll be gone will you ever miss me?

Gone from your thoughts

Gone from your troubles

Gone from your daily life

These phrases are so pathetic

For me to move on

I’m trying to win the time

I’m trying to face this battle alone

For all its true

You’re right

This will never be easy

I wanna be tough

For tomorrow

with or without you

I need to grow


# 10

In this cold night

My thoughts are stuck

To those memories

When I’m with you

Why we have to end like this

Why this cruel world allow this

Why can’t we be just happy and enjoy best of both worlds

Why Im always fascinated by your charm

Why I Love every bit of your being

If this is the plan of above

Well i dont want to understand

I dont wanna feel this kind of pain

Slowly trying to kill every bit of me

Cold as ice thats where i want to be

I wanna be numb till my heart overcomes the pain

Cold as ice just engulf my whole being!

Till im done and just be whole again.


# 9

Yes you read it right

That’s her unique epithet

She’s always Happy

That’s why her Dad made her “Happi”


Bounteous  that’s what you are!

Eager to things that can make you grow

Trustworthy to all the people around you

Heaven scent to people you care for

Able to handle negative circumstances

Noe-tic  mind!with deep thoughts

Young at heart! living life to the fullest..


I don’t know if this letter would lead me to you

I just want you to know how beyond special you are

If only I was able to make you Happy for the rest of my days

All these affirmative words surely match you

To make it light

This last sight

This au revoir will end my night.






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